Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Animatronic Afterlife: Chapter 2 (1994)

"One more crack out of you, and the act is finished!" yelled the larger of the pair, angrily.

The smaller comedian chuckled in his high-pitched laugh, the force of his laugh causing his bow tie to wiggle. "One more crack out of me and the yolks on you!" he laughed.

"That does it!" the green-suited ham steak stated in frustration. "We're through!"

"Fine," retorted the capped egg.

The two animatronic comedians bantered a little more as steam enveloped them. The larger of the two, Hamm, sunk into a pot, while his smaller companion, Eggz, lowered into a pan, both of which situated on a large stove.

The animatronics, housed in their respective crockery, froze in place for a few minutes before the last big number of the show. They once again emerged from their oven-bound pans surrounded by steam.

"Say goodbye to his bad jokes!" Hamm suggested.

"'Cuz we're going up in smoke, folks!" Eggz finished. As the two sank back into their pot and pan, deep in his programming, Hamm rolled his digital eyes, recognizing that Eggz always had to have the last words.

In the pot, Hamm's arms fell from their crooked position at his sides and his angry arched eyebrows lowered over his eyes as the mechanics relaxed. Eggz' hat lowered slowly onto his head.

The show's host, Bonnie Appetite closed out the final show and the curtain closed as the park guests stood to their feet and filed out of the theater for the last time.

The entire ensemble of singers could be heard behind the curtain singing the final lines.

"The proper foods each time you dine,
can keep you fit and feeling fine.
Eating right's a healthy sign,
and feeling good makes each day
shine and shine!"

Unfortunately, this would be the last day the sun would shine from the window of the Kitchen Kabaret.

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