Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Blog Post 1: Origins

Let me start out by being completely honest with you about a few things:
1.) I love Walt Disney World.
2.) I love history.
3.) I love history so much that I studied the Walt Disney World attractions and wrote some books about the historical accuracy of the parks.
4.) My books are not doing as well as I would like.

Now that I've thrown those out there, especially number four, let me explain to you the purpose of this blog.

Advertisement. Self-promotion.

I know what you're thinking: I don't want to read some guy's constant advertisements about why I should buy his book! Trust me, I get it. I frequent a lot of popular (and not so popular) Disney blogs and forums and get sick of the shameless self-promotion for individuals in the Disney community wanting to make a buck. Don't get me wrong. I'm a teacher in the great state of North Carolina, receiving the second lowest teacher salary in the country, so the selling of my books helps to supplement my income on a quarterly basis.

However, that's not the route I would like to take.

The best part for me in becoming an author with work published about my passion is getting to know people throughout the InterWebs. I've created a Twitter page (@HistTourWDW) and a Facebook Page (A Historical Tour of Walt Disney World),  and through these social media outlets, have made some new friends who understand my oddball hobby and passion and...let's face it--obsession.

So rather than my blog being an infomercial, I figured this can be more of an outlet for me to discuss my thoughts on the goings-on of the parks, to offer park visiting advice to newbies, to give short snippets of my historical research on the validity of the parks, and even offer glimpses to future projects that I'm working on. And maybe in the process, you'll be interested (or sympathetic) enough to purchase one or both of my books. :)

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